3 Must-See Spots During Your Yacht Trip Around The British Virgin Islands

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The British Virgin Islands are one of the best spots in the Caribbean for yachters. There are crystal clear waters, an array of wonderful islands to stop at, and fun things to do at all of your destination points. If you are planning a yacht trip to the BVI, then here are 3 must see stops.

Explore The Baths National Park – Virgin Gorda

The Baths is one of the British Virgin Islands' most popular spots. It's a beautiful white sand beach that is adorned with gigantic, smooth boulders. The water runs around the boulders, creating an amazing water maze. The sunlight filters down from above so that inside the large boulders corridors there is always light. You can wade around the shallow sections and swim the deeper areas. Once you walk a bit back from the beach area there are cool trails that wind up through the park.

Hike The Mountains At Gorda Peak – Virgin Gorda

While the British Virgin Islands are famous for amazing beaches and beautiful, clear water, they also have some really cool inland parks. One of the most impressive is the Gorda Peak, located on Virgin Gorda. If you anchor your yacht offshore when checking out The Baths at Gorda, you should keep your boat in the area overnight when you are done at The Baths so that you can head inland the next day to explore the Gorda Peak National Park. You can hike up to the high point on the island and get an amazing view of the Caribbean. It's a protected "dry forest", which is rare in the Caribbean, so you will get a chance to see fauna and flora that are unusual, and in some cases endangered.

Scuba Dive Next To Shipwrecks -- RMS Rhone Marine Park

If you are a scuba diver, then you have to head to the RMS Rhone Marine Park. The park is based around an old mail ship from the United Kingdom that was shipwrecked. The area was turned into a park in the 1980s and has become a scuba diver's dream destination. There is all sorts of beautiful coral growth on and around the ship that you can see or photograph if you're a underwater photography hobbyist. The ship itself is massive and is mostly open at this point, so you can explore it without having to do dangerous penetration diving. The best place to moor your yacht is offshore of Salt Island. This is the closest island to the Marine Park. It's nearby the larger island of Tortola. 

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